GDC 2016 Demo

Little Billy was demoed on the Careers Floor at the annual Game Developer's Conference in March 2016. Developed in only 5 weeks by a team of two (Unreal Engine), this third-person, action game focuses on a young boy who has developed alien powers. Please watch the inline, screen captured gameplay (pardon the poor capture quality). My development partner was Glend Galdamez.

My roles in the project:

Environment/Prop models, Textures, Level/Game Design, HUD/UI, Original Music/Sound, Animation, General Production


Global Game Jam 2016 Entry

Lucky's Morning was created in less than 48 hours with a small team of six people (Unity). It is an arcade style, mobile time attack game. It was also launched on the Google Play Store as a test. The jam site gave the game the award for “Best Use of Theme”. Alongside that award, I was given the award for “Strongest Team Lead”.

My roles in the project:

Team Lead, Environment/Prop models, Textures, Game Design, Original Music/Sound, Animation, Rigging, Production